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A Simple Primer on Syrian Government Violence Against Its People

While there are many major problems happening all over the world, it’s easy to see how the Syrian civil war is one of the worst problems of all. Regardless of your specific position on the ideal outcome of the war, it’s hard to deny the kind of major impact that it’s had on the people the country. With battles happening in the middle of heavily populated areas, many civilians have found themselves to be as much of a target as those who are actually fighting. This has ultimately led to Syria being considered one of the worst places for civilians right now.

Even those who have spent a lot of time studying this war have perhaps not gotten a complete picture of the types of abuses that the Syrian government is carrying out against its own people. A little bit of digging will be able to really help you find a wealth of information that can assist you in understanding the depths of these many issues. By checking out the information in the following post, you’re going to come away with a greater understanding and a greater empathy for those civilians who are targets of this type of behavior.

Of all the types of abuses that the Syrian government is being accused of engaging in, it’s easy to see why the most significant and awful of all will be their bombing campaign of their own cities. There are daily reports of Syrian planes flying over certain rebel-held cities to bomb areas that would ordinarily be protected from these types of attacks. Hospitals and clinics are a frequent target for this sort of violence, and you’ll also find a number of schools that have been targets as well. You’re going to find that there are a wide range of countries internationally that are trying to influence the Syrian government to stop violating the Geneva Convention through these violent actions.

You’ll also find that the Syrian government is taking a very active approach to preventing any sort of civilian aid from being delivered to the people in these rebel cities. There have been countless reports of international aid convoys being either stopped before reaching their destinations or being attacked themselves. You’ll find that Syria is getting a lot of harsh criticism and overall condemnation for these actions, particularly because they are in violation of many international laws.

When you start looking into everything, you’re going to find that there are all sorts of actions that Syria can be criticized for. Those who have seen the evidence of these civilian abuses will generally find themselves inspire to take action of some sort.

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