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Here is Why the Trenchless Sewer Repair Method Is Becoming More Popular

There is a huge difference in the manner in which sewer systems were constructed in the past as compared to nowadays. In the past, trenches were dug and pipes laid to form sewer systems. In case any pipe in the system burst or broke, it rendered the whole system dysfunctional. And since repair and replacement wouldn’t be possible without excavating a significant portion of the system and damaging some overlying structures in the process. But these days, it is not necessary to do all these. There is a better way of carrying out such repair work known as the trenchless sewer repair. The entire system is normally accessed via two access holes that have to be dug for the repair work to be done. This mode of sewer system repair has numerous advantages as compared to the usual method of digging and replacing the pipe network. Below are outlined the reasons why people prefer this method.

When you select the trenchless sewer repair method, you will, in the end, find that you are spending less than if you’d have used the traditional method. You won’t have to do much digging when you select to use this approach. Fewer laborers will, therefore, be necessary to work on the system to completion. The result will be the lowering of the total cost of repairing the system.

Secondly, trenchless sewer repair is done quickly and efficiently. The sewer system actually serves the purpose of obscuring from view human waste that would otherwise sicken whoever beholds it. If it happens that a pipe bursts or gets damaged, there will be exposure to this waste that can lead to spreading of infectious diseases as well as bad smell. When this happens, you need to repair the system as fast as possible to eliminate the chances of this happening. With the trenchless sewer repair method, you can be able to carry out this process very fast and achieve your intentions.

Moreover, you can achieve very minimal destruction of structures when you adopt this approach. It is quite possible that the sewer lines in your home are constructed under building structure, through the gardens and even across lawns. When digging and replacing is used, it will lead to destruction of such structures since trenches and furrows have to be dug to unearth the damaged parts. Trenchless sewer repair, however, does not disturb these structures but rather leaves them intact.

Additionally you won’t need to replace destroyed property when you use the trenchless repair system on your sewer line. Because of the minimal disturbance to property during the procedure, very few structures will be broken down or destroyed. Trenchless sewer repair is carried out by either bursting the old pipe with new one or lining the existing pipe with another one made of fiberglass. This process protects any structure lying on top of the pipe system and leaves it intact.

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