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Tips for Selecting a Timeshare Resale Company

When choosing a timeshare resale company, you need to ensure that they are reputable, legitimate and trustworthy. Here is how to select a timeshare resale company.

Reputation of the timeshare resale company is the first thing that you should consider when making your decision. One way of identifying reliable companies is by inquiring if they are accredited to the Resort Development Organisation because it indicates that they adhere to their standards and codes of ethics. Similarly before you trust a company to sell your timeshare, read their past reviews and testimonials. In addition, you may want to check with Better Business Bureau if the company has any unresolved complaints.

It is important to go to their website and check the legitimacy of the company before giving them business. A great timeshare resale company will hold a real estate license given by the state and which indicates that they are a full-time business. If you have questions regarding the validity of the licensing information, contact your state’s real estate licensing agency or the real estate commission.

When selling timeshares, be vigilant of resale companies that are scammers and want to swindle your money. Watch out for companies that ask for your personal information including credit card and bank details, if they make unsolicited calls wanting to resell your timeshare, if they offer money back guarantees, and pressure you to make a quick decision on their offer. Some companies will pressure you to sell your timeshares so you can purchase more timeshare from them.

Before you hire a resale company, it is important to inquire what methods they will use to advertise and promote your property. Look for a company that advertises using a variety of channels including the internet, billboards, local papers, and TV. Using the right advertisement is a crucial factor when you are selling your timeshare in order to capture potential buyers.

Timeshare is not an investment, therefore, make sure that you price it correctly for a quick sale. Do some comparison with other similar properties so as to get an idea of the right price to sell your timeshare. Lower the price of your property than that of your competitors in order to attract more potential buyers.

Make sure that the resale company gives you an offer in writing and not on the phone. It should include the services that they will offer and compare it with other companies. A reputable company will provide you with a written contract that includes the cost of service and the time period when the contract will be in effect. Go through the contract carefully and ensure that you comprehend each term and condition before signing it.

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