A Quick Rundown of Pets

Understanding Flea and Tick Treatment.

If you have a pet expect the warm weather to bring with it fleas and ticks. There are some diseases which are caused by ticks and flea bites contribute to allergy dermatitis. It is advisable to take your pet on a monthly checkup and treatment for these because it is going to cost you much less than treating the actual disease. However certain situations may be beyond your control and their animal may end up diseased. There are a number of options in the treatment and topical creams are an option. The cream will be absorbed through the body and becomes part of the gland system which goes ahead to produce body oil. It is through the body oil that the medication is distributed to all parts of the body and this may take up to a month.

If your pet does not leave the house, a flea treatment is going to be enough but if it does, you need something that also deals with ticks. Topical flea medications are usually waterproof and even if your pet the medication will still work. If the flea infestation is high there is no need to wait for a month for it to clear which is why you should go for an oral tablet. You should expect to see results after half an hour of ingesting the tablet and its potency lasts for 24 hours. You should not rely on oral treatments if you want the regimen to last for long. Use the oral medication for fast relief of the infestation and then make sure that you apply the topical medication to safeguard the pet for the rest of the month as well as kill any remaining pests.

You may also decide to go with a dip in which the drug is diluted enough for it to be used as an agent in bathing your pet . You are going to have to wash off the medication from the pet but ensure that it has worked before you do this. This is a great way to prevent pest infection for your pet and the good news is that it will be active for more than a month. Just like you wouldn’t want chemicals getting into your eyes or mouth the same goes for your pet and in case it comes to this, the outcome will be catastrophic. Just like they are regulations in getting medications meant for human beings the pet medications are also regulated which means you need a veterinary officer to prescribe them in the event that your pet is sick.

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