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Findings That Show Why Terrorism Has Been a Threat

The world has experienced the threat of radicalism for an extended period. Iran and Iraq are some of the regions that have experienced terrorism activities in the world. The terror seen and felt in these regions can only be solved after knowing the origin and the source of such activities. Regions experiencing terrorism have set up commissions to investigate the causes of the terror activities in the regions. One of the findings indicate that political leaders are at the forefront of organizing such criminal activities.

Funding is one of the methods used to organize terrorism. Government organs keep contact with the terrorists and in this way, they are able to give them funding. Once the government is involved with the terrorist groups, they can be given shelter and security within a country. Plan and execution of terrorist attacks can then be done without fear of being caught. There are several groups of terror who have confessed of having been supported by the government to carry out terror activities. Most terror attacks are usually aimed at the political or religious rivals for vengeance. It is for that reason that there are some Islamic countries that are believed to spearhead the terror attacks against their Jewish counterparts. Iran has been among the countries that execute terror activities against their religious enemies.

People experience terror attacks because their rivals feel the need of being religiously superior. Political affluence and the need to feel superior also leads to the execution of the terror attacks that are experienced. The position of being a superpower country is admired by many, and this has led to more competition in search for the post. Superpower nations must exhibit the defensive prowess and the skills of war. Terror attacks mean that the countries are experimenting their missiles and weapon strength on the countries that they consider their rivals. The results of terror attacks is loss of lives, destruction of property and hatred that grows within the hearts of the people. Iran has been on the verge of political and religious animosity with most of the countries that neighbour it, and this might mean that they can support terror attacks. Vengeance to Iran has been planned strongly to counter every attack from Iran. The constant and endless attacks have led to more vigorous attacks and the unending terror attacks all over the world.

Young people who get recruited into terror groups have been taught that the best way of getting justice and power is through violence. The terror troops give the young people excitement of having power and this makes many young people join them.

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